Neolithic Art

My academic career, as well as fundamental elements of my spiritual journey, has focused upon the sublime and potent Neolithic art of Old Europe. These images transmit ancestral memory through their sophisticated but masterfully simple patterns. I added these this week to my dissertation. Themes here are women’s trance states as well as states of consciousness that facilitate shamanic shapeshifting.


Figurine Ensemble with Chairs, Isaiia, Moldavia (Precucuteni) first millennium BC.Joan Marler, “The Danube Script: Neo-Eneolithic Writing in Southeastern Europe,” Exhibition Catalogue (2008): 110.

Neolithic bone plate figurine from Gaban Cave, near Trento N. ItalyMarija Gimbutas, The Language of the Goddess : Unearthing the Hidden Symbols of Western Civilization (San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1989), 103.mbg1a
Late Minoan II, Knossos Crete, 15 Cent. BC.Marija Gimbutas, The Language of the Goddess:Unearthing the Hidden Symbols of Western Civilization (San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1989), 273.

The Evolutionary Power of Indigenous Science

mbmWhile reading Mary Beth Moser’s (PhD) most excellent dissertation “The Everyday Spirituality of Women in the Italian Alps: A Trentino American Women’s Search for Spiritual Agency, Folk Wisdom, and Ancestral Values”

I came across a citation that kicked my butt.

But first let me explain, she, like me, is following the breadcrumbs as a women’s spirituality academic to research what the renowned scholar Lucia Birnbaum most profoundly described as following the path of our mothers.

lb1Let me clarify: We are (re)looking at history through the lens of what our mothers and their mothers (our ancestors), went through and accomplished: what they thought, what they contributed to the narrative history (or were erased from), how they coped, and how they made culture, including such categories as ways of making food, making clothing, having and caring for babies, (and all that ancestral knowledge of herbs and women’s bodies, you right wing fucs) educating babies and being nurturing centers of culture and then keeping that culture alive through um…sustaining families.

If you think that ain’t important then divorce yrself from yr mother and yr favorite childhood food – mac n cheese and weenies, or fill the comfort food bill here, just fer starters.

Within these ancestral stories and within the discipline of academia (eff you who mistake method for content or who just don’t like the content after applying method) we find components of our subaltern history that we rigorously apply to what is a multidisciplinary approach to history (don’t get me started on backlash).

Now back to the citation that made my heart open as it was included in Mary Beth Moser’s diss and which describes my most earnest attempts of so many pages of trying to explain my methodology and ontology. This says it all for me.

Anne Lamott shares all that she knows: “Everyone is screwed up, broken, clingy, and scared”

Writanne_lamott2aing: shitty first drafts. Butt in chair. Just do it. You own everything that happened to you. You are going to feel like hell if you never write the stuff that is tugging on the sleeves in your heart — your stories, visions, memories, songs: your truth, your version of things, in your voice. That is really all you have to offer us, and it’s why you were born.

Link here.



Goddess Scholars Bringing it

Viviane Dzyak, Louise Pare, Elisabeth Sikie & Mary Beth Moser taken at the 2013 PNW Region AAR conference in Seattle. Creating webs of research and bringing into consciousness subaltern collective memory of women’s ancestral ways of being and knowing. Behind us is the visionary Gimbutas whose work on Neolithic art informs my research.


Genesis V Evolution – A Battle for Worldview

What I’ve come to understand is that a – the ideological war that is so extreme today is a psychic war and b – whomever controls the narrative controls consciousness and c- creation myths have the most quantum power – that is why fundamentalists created the false parallel between creationism and evolution.

Evolution is not a creation myth as is genesis, it is a theory of how all life is related on the planet and how lifeforms change due to genetic and environmental pressures. The xtian creation myth of genesis, while really being one of many similar creation myths that are not so unique in theme, and which holds a male deity (illogically) as first source of matter, has been interpreted to mean a static ontology.

So in this world view, with this interpretation of the genesis creation myth, everything comes to form intact. The theory of evolution doesn’t posit an original source, like the big bang theory for example, which would be a more apt comparison to genesis. In evolution, forms change and are interrelational to each other and their environment.

Ultimately, this false parallel represents a difference between the idea of stasis v transformation of matter. If everything originated intact from the mind of the txian god then the ways in which matter can be perceived as interrelational with the environment is, and should be, limited. If, on the other hand, all matter is infinitely dynamic, then moving outside of a set interpretation of what form is and how it can be in relationship to the environment cannot be limited.

This unlimited potentiality of matter (even as that term is shifting now in light of advances in physics, biology the life sciences, and some spiritual traditions) is what most threatens the fundamentalist xtian worldview because then creation moves outside of the peripheries of their static worldview, out of their limited view of what can be conceived by the mind of their god.

This fight for a static v a transformational world view represents a fundamental element in a holy war.

Politics of the Inquisition

As I study Witchcraft in the Middle Ages by Jeffrey Burton Russell, I came across a great quote that seems to align the struggle that happened then with what is happening in the chaotic world now. Because I am learning that as much as European witchcraft, and all the academic issues with its origins and historic importance and place and blah blah blah, I find it relevant to our contemporary struggles of class that are so characterized and profound at this time in history. He writes on page 3.

It should not be difficult to to understand how men could torture and kill in the name of the Prince of Peace when at Dresden and My Lai men could torture and kill in the name of democracy and freedom. Viciousness is excusable in neither rebel nor Inquisitor. To understand is not to forgive. If tolerance is taken to the point of tolerating the destruction of those processes by which toleration is itself guaranteed, then it becomes intolerable. But ours is not to judge the fanatic or the Inquisitor: ours is to experience the shock of recognition of the fanatic and the Inquisitor in ourselves.

Sociopaths and Consciousness

This is somehow relevant to my work because I am now completely consumed by it, but I don’t fully understand why, although it is all about consciousness studies which is the chapter I am working on now. I heard an interview with a woman whose pen name is M.E. Thomas. She wrote a book about being a sociopath, a non-criminal one, who is a law professor at a US university. I was fascinated by this and checked out her blog:

I spent hours on this site yesterday at work (slow day) and read every post voraciously. Sociopaths are people who do not feel emotions, or only base ones, have little capacity for love, empathy or bonding. Consequently they become mimics of emotions and are able to game almost everyone and ultimately end up hurting those who get involved with them. Charismatic, manipulative, aggressive, prone to compulsion regarding their base desires, predatory and sexual, and also confused and in pain – not talking here about sadistic and violent psychos who might also be socios. These are people who function, kinda, but either realize or don’t realize that they are not like the rest of us who can feel. Her deal was that this personality type was being generalized as sadistic criminals, but that they exist as a kind of subculture and it’s time to deal with it. She’s basically “outing” herself without saying her name.

Now, here’s the thing. She contends that 1 in 25 people are socios trying to fit in with “neuro-normatives.” She says “we sociopaths walk and live among you empaths” (those who feel love and emotion and live – or try to live to varying pathetic degrees – the moral code that such ability to feel engenders) basically faking it, learning to cope by mimicking emotional responses better than the “weaker” of us that possess those qualities and destroying those who act in ways that are against their sort of base code of ethics that can only serve themselves cause they can’t feel empathy so they exploit the emotional vulnerabilities of those around them. Apparently these creatures are easily bored, have a liquid sense of self that gives them an edge in shapeshifting as a survival technique.

Ok, I have been consumed with this for the last 24 hours so I don’t want to write you too much to read but so much is up for me on this because reading those posts I began to see two things: first, I began to understand more of myself because in this narrative I am opposite woman, I could be called an uber-empath – my ability to bond, feel connections with other entities is far off the scale of what I am guessing would be a median normative scale. I can feel the emotions and pain of others, not only in a face to face situation with one person in time now, (hence my 10 years as a psychic and card reader in which I was accurate in a way that challenged my Western intellectual indoctrination ) but also in other geographical locations that are in time now but not place for me such as the global suffering of people and animals, and in a horrific act of fate or karma, I can also feel the suffering of those in history and in other times if I choose to, though I think that perception is like a film or residue that subtly sculpts my consciousness always and I’m swatting at it sort of unconsciously like a fly or mosquito. I also get pictures to match the emotions I feel channeling through me.

Second is that through a metaphysical lens, and she is Western indoctrinated so that a psychological and neurobiological lens are used to discuss this phenomenon, I see validation for my insights and theories that something otherworldly or non-corporeal is ranching our asses. She says that sociopathy as a personality type is part of evolution, a sort of necessary chaotic attractor, but I don’t think so. I think socios, as functionally as they try to be, are evolutionary aberrations. Successful evolutionary strategy favors the indigenous model of understanding interrelation and interdependence of life forms as holographic communities. Love, without the hallmark connotations, is an energy that has been cultivated by our ancestors because it is the most efficient medium for making human communities in all their forms, from micro to macro, most in alignment with the environments that sustain us. To not develop that ability is alien to this planet.

Now, lastly, and thank you for staying with me if you could bear to, this means that socios do not belong here. I woke up with the vision this morning while on the couch tending my puppy that they – those souls or whatever you wanna call self-awareness in a body – were made to incarnate here by something else. They don’t belong here. They are not the order of the things, they are confused and suffering and are more likened to an invasive species than part of the evolutionary matrix of this reality on this planet. And they are dangerous to us. That she has this self awareness was amazing to me and she did a service to those of her kind. I have respect and compassion for her, though a serious radar out.

The metaphor for me was that socios were “reptilian,” and empaths were “mammals.” The posts indicated that their skill sets, which were not the same as ours fell along the lines of different animal adaptive strengths. Where socio’s skills were acute, ours were more dense, where ours are finally tuned, theirs were clumsy or non-existent. Hence the recipe for when entities collide.

So that was my last 24 hours and it put a lot of things into place for me. I believe that we are experiencing a Grand Central Station of entities coming into human form for the information and event that is occurring – and that is accelerating, – and that is kicking my Pleiades butt – but we are somehow programed, or star born or whatever vernacular that you feel comfortable choosing, to a particular grid pattern.

Popcorn, is next I guess. Spyke