Lisa & GrainneElisabeth Sikie is a modern shamanic practitioner trained in several Western mystery traditions, including Metaphysics, Faery Magick, and the Celtic arts. She is a writer who has performed her visionary poetry in the Bay Area as The Poetrix, and a yoga teacher trained in the Iyengar tradition.

Elisabeth was born and raised in Los Angeles. As a child, she exhibited signs of sensitivity including clairsentience, lucid dream states and spirit contact. As a young woman, she earned a degree in journalism, but felt pulled to explore her spiritual nature. She studied philosophy and comparative religion, including a deep study of Zen, various yoga traditions, and Neopagan, and Wiccan traditions.

Elisabeth trained at the Amron Metaphysical Center under the guidance of noted mystic  Norma Tringali. At Amron, she underwent a comprehensive intensive training in a variety of esoteric disciplines including, séance mediumship, ancient healing, numerology, psychic development, and cross-cultural shamanic technique. Later, she was ordained and worked as a minister and teacher at Amron.With the encouragementSAM_3505 of Norma Tringali, Elisabeth pioneered a one of a kind training program in mediumship/intuitive and psychic awareness and technique. The training explores modes of perception
and techniques for safe and effective travel into other realms in an experiential group context.

Elisabeth completed her an M.A. in Religion and Philosophy with an emphasis in Women’s Spirituality focusing on the sublime and dynamic Art of Neolithic Europe, which pretty much kicked her ass and deepened her understanding of the role of the ancestors in shamanic practices and her own role as a shamanic practitioner, the role of art as a transmitter of consciousness, and the potent history of women’s spiritual legacies of which she is a  grateful heir.Animal Processions Cucuteni Vase2_pg302

Currently, Elisabeth is a PhD candidate at CIIS in San Francisco working on her doctorate in Philosophy and Religion, with an emphasis in Women’s Spirituality. She is clawing toward the light of the completion of her dissertation.

Perry the Power ParrotElisabeth lives in Martinez, California with her patient wondrous husband, dog, cats, rabbit, fish, and  parrot.

Among our honored dead are her mother Karol Sikie, her mother in-law Geri Rose – and all those who have come before, including our beloved teachers and friends, Norma Tringali, Esau, and Kalli Rose Halverson, and our beloved pets who have passed into the spirit world. Blessings and Namaste!