Consciousness Studies Expanded – Another Voice of Reason

In my research I have also come up with the premise that what is going on now in this world is a psychic battle for our consciousness. The horror that everyone viscerally feels can be interpreted through a lot of lenses; gender, politics, sociology, psychology, theology, and economics, but at it’s root, this is a battle for where we focus our perception and how we analyze, respond, and experience our holographic environment. It is a battle for our consciousness and therefore it is a battle for our souls. My entire dissertation has focused upon the nature of consciousness as it is rooted in shamanism, and in women’s mysteries. So it is very cool to have another say what “crazy” things I am thinking and putting into words in academia, which doesn’t recognize methodologies that are able to frame history and social science in this way–as spiritual, as psychic, along with all the other modalities of parsing human culture and experience that stray out of the box of that fallacy “objectivity.” My dissertation has been an initiation for me — a soul retrieval — which is exactly what I said I was gonna do. So I love this guy too.

Also notice that more truths are coming out now. The holodeck is losing integrity and I’m on it Captn! It’s time to wake up.