From a class I took with Physicist F. David Peat during my classwork in PhD

Ode to thee Electron

Thee path of thee electron is acausal
Leaping from the unstruck realm
To some where – seen only
Mathematically, as probability
Dancing silently with her silent sister
Mirrored unseen, but chorded
In love, to her, rhythmically

Such Joy! To make manifest a path
From the seeming sphere of angels
Such Lust! To take on life linearly

What to make of such a Goddess?
Whose song sings our cells emergent
What prayers will entice her, will allow us
a sacred sip from her quantum Communal cup
so filled with the dark liquid of empty space
to ecstatically imbibe of her field of living
love that has birthed our own field of mind

we make love and art to find her
we make equations to catch a glimpse of
where she might have been
we gaze at the broken symmetry of our own hearts
we ponder the ancestral patterns of our own hands
we ache in our incompleteness, long for holistic home
& so we make religion

with our brushes and our bodies
with our music and incantations
with our science and our despair
& passions painfully pulsing
the signals – so urgent! – to re-unite
we make the rites we hope will reconnect us

in our dreams we dream her roundness
in our visions we are obsessed with the elliptical
with gravity, with her secret numbered order
in our blood we scream to be free like her
to jump effortlessly through time to appear


or here

Acting from sacred desire, from some unknowable chaotic whim
Footprints in the cold virgin snow.