Metaphysics! Let’s Expand that Consciousness!

It is rare to find someone with the wisdom of a metaphysical master who is in the same league as my spiritual teachers Norma Tringali, Nancy Six, G’an Wright and Esau who were leaders at the now defunct metaphysical powerhouse church and Western Mystery school called AMRON that operated in the 1990s in San Francisco, and boy do I miss people who speak like this. Almost every time I come upon a message from an awake or semi-awake person that resonates with my highest self, I end up feeling profoundly disappointed because DOH! their message is usually polluted with religious fundamentalism, racism, and sexism. But so far, not with this guy Naazir Ra.

I crave like minds who understand the mysteries that our Ancestors have passed to us, which we usually do not heed, or even remember due to the trauma inflicted upon us. I like a lot of people’s messages that are on Thee Path and who publish their messages on You Tube, but everyone is flawed, including myself.

On saying that I really feel this breath of fresh air when I listen to Naazir Ra. I am guessing that his soul drew the short end of the stick because he had to manifest to teach awakening at the time of the Kali Yuga. I appreciate that he is speaking to his community because we really need for those of African descent to wake up to their power after the trauma and colonialism that that they and their Ancestors have experienced in this timeline.

In my shamanic practices and academic studies searching for and researching my European Foremothers and their shamanic and spiritual practices, I have realized what others in my field understand: that the female human originating out of Africa is the first template of our species in the physical plane and that is was HER sacred evolution of consciousness- as depicted in the archaeological record and recorded in mythology and the mysteries – that represents the golden grail from which all CONSCIOUSNESS AS YOU EXPERIENCE IT AND RELIGION AS YOU KNOW IT ORIGINATES. Would I be redundant in asking if you catch the implications of that drift?