Methodoltry – Mary Daly

As I work on my introduction chapter, I am coming across some deep layers of imbedded patriarchy in myself. When I catch this tendency, I find myself going back to Mary Daly. Now she is not sexy (read here threatening) to patriarchal culture. She is a broom-riding dyke who speaks like a Druid Bardic adept…   Read More

Thinkin on Religion

I’m trying to get a definition of religion, as opposed to spirituality, for my glossary. You’d think that’d be a simple task. But alas NOT. “Religion” is a term like “shaman” which is an anthropological term imposed on “native” subjects of study – So then Chad, why are you walking around a circle with a…   Read More

My rant on the student loan issue

The issues with student loan debt represent serious issues in our society. On the most fundamental level, schools charge astronomical amounts of money because they can. If there were no government student loans available to subsidize education then schools would have to charge much less or perhaps cease to exist. The fact that schools raise…   Read More

Walpurgis Dream

Part of my primary research for this dissertation is the significant and synchronistic details of my own spiritual evolution as they reflect, and are a part of, a larger mythic and magical holism. This is a dream I had at the beginning of my decade-long academic journey. Walpurgis is the eve before the sacred Pagan…   Read More