Fallacies or Fantasies

In Indigenous cultures myth is a complementary religious element to ritual. Unlike in a Western worldview, in which myths are considered fallacies or fantasies that are opposed to linear fact, myths are accounts of actual interchanges between ancestors and other relevant persons accessed through ritual. Gunn Allen makes the distinction that the symbolism in tribal…   Read More

Dissertation Quote

In Pueblo Gods and Myths, Hamilton A. Tyler asks, “Why do the Pueblos still dance? For whom do they dance? What do they mean by their dancing?” His examination of previous research revealed an obvious and conventionally satisfying answer: “For rain.” His response sheds light on the biased Western perspective in regard to Indigenous traditions,…   Read More

Deep Mining

Ok, this is what I am going to call “deep mining.” I have to “get” the connection between methodology, epistemology, ontology, axiology and the academic art of interpretation. Interpretation means who gets to decide on the narrative, who gets to decide on which version of the story guides the people, is relevant in the minds…   Read More