The Inquisition is Now

Update 10.27.17: I have run across a video in which syncretic philosopher Santos Bonacci explains the origins of the legal system that enslaves us and how it is related to the inquisitions, the church, the corporations, and the banking cabal that owns all the wealth in world. In my research of the inquisitions and the…   Read More

Northern Waters

This is the aft view from the Norwegian cruise ship Jewel as we sail north to Alaska. I spent hours out here living with the sounds, the smells, and the constantly shifting waters of the living Pacific ocean. It is just mind-blowing to be on the open sea. Sawyer Glacier Alaska — It’s alive frozen…   Read More

Happy Spring! Wake Up!

Well it’s Spring 2016, and as the outdated modes of thinking and being are dying an undignified death, and as those who hold on to them in the public arena are increasingly being exposed as the distorted clown car demons that they are, let us take this opportunity to make a leap in consciousness powered…   Read More