Walpurgis Dream

Part of my primary research for this dissertation is the significant and synchronistic details of my own spiritual evolution as they reflect, and are a part of, a larger mythic and magical holism. This is a dream I had at the beginning of my decade-long academic journey. Walpurgis is the eve before the sacred Pagan holyday Beltaine.

What is interesting is that all the elements of this dream came true over the last ten years and the end of the dream is where I am now as I research my Euro-shamanic traditions, witches and the inquisition, as well as priestesses in Europe.

Walpurgis 1/30/01

Dreamt I met John Edwards (TV medium) on whom I had a secret crush. We met and I told him I had a crush on him since July. We spoke about karmic adjustment and coming back. I said I thought I probably was. He said he wasn’t. Then he gave me a kiss and a grope then he laid down next to me and then Joe (my boyfriend at the time) came in suspicious but I told him we were meditating.

Then I am in Scotland as a man. I can see Scotland and some oil wells, those bobbing ones but it’s beautiful and I see heather. Then there is this woman who works in the bar. We have to hide our love because I am different and so is she. I remember wanting her. I forget all that happens here.

Then I go to the bar and she is dressed up like a priestess. She has on eye makeup which agitates the customers. There are oak leaves decorating people’s houses, big green shiny oak leaves. She has everyone in the bar hold the mask thing that they need to put their faces on to make a mask for themselves. I hear Walpurgis. The bar is dark and I am afraid because I think she shouldn’t have done this ritual in the town that was unsupportive and violently superstitious.

Then one of two men, tall and darkly dressed in robes is there. One looks at the other and motions his fingers across his throat. Then they take her and cut off her face and give it to the main woman. At this point, they are beasts, or people with powers because they can fly and the stretched faces convert them as they are put over their own.

I then go crazy and turn into one. I have a tail and green lizard like skin. I go to them and try to save her. I am sacrificing myself. I now am watching myself from some point in front of the scene. I get a grenade and start machine gunning these beasts in this open space with rocks all around. I get a few and the many more overtake me. I throw the grenade but it doesn’t go off and they flay me alive and take my face and cut up my limbs.

Then I am waiting with my normal face with the girl who also has a normal face. I say, why aren’t we dead? I thot I was dead? She sssushes me then we grab hands. First we cross them and then we take each others. Then there are three of us and we cross and take hands and power builds. We stop because we are trying not to be discovered. We are in a waiting room and they are around us in other rooms. We do this hand crossing again and try to build power. I get some charge but we can’t get enough to become the beasts again. Then I woke up.

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