Ancestor Relations at Joshua Tree

Me at Joshua Tree a few years ago. This is a magical desert in which the Faery and Ancestors can literally BE SEEN AND RELATED TO.

Timeless, quiet, ancient and patient.
The rocks hold Faery energy.
Three Sisters.
Resting Ancestor?
My husband called this one Happy Whale.
My husband’s head in stone.
Massive Goddess…no really MASSIVE GODDESS STONE.
Skull Rock is famous.
Skull Teeth.
Male God! Natch!
Tiny mighty Ancestor.
Can you see the Faery portal?!
Bless all Ancestors and Relations.
Namaste all sentient beings!!!

1 thought on “Ancestor Relations at Joshua Tree

  • Thank you for sharing! Seeing all the entities in the rocks is comforting to me. I felt so supported bouldering over them feeling safe to get a grander view of the landscape.
    I cant wait to go back. So much more to explore.

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