Animal Inhabitants of the Blue Dog Temple – A Healing Reminder of our Relations

As we have had to go into deep hibernation and the necessary self-reflection that has ensued during this tumultuous period of a shifting world, we have had to be more mindful of the relations which whom we share this sacred physical and spiritual planet.

I know everyone has stories of communion with their pets and other animals and I know that they have been a saving grace for we humans who are being called to remember how to live in respectful communion with the relations who share this place.

Animals help us feels connected, help us heal, teach us, and make us laugh. At least mind do. Here are the animal friends who live with us even though they don’t pay rent. Of course everyone is a rescue. Enjoy my friends. Namaste!

Julius helping with a reading in the garden. He is an elderly man but still full of it and very loving. He’s been a best bud of mine for over a decade. Ornery and spirited but quick to purr. Much like the humans who live here.
This is Sir Lancelot (we don’t know who knighted him). He is also elderly, around 10 years old and quite plump. He lives in a condo in the garden with a large fenced in pen. He eats fresh grown greens, which was the initial impetus for my garden. He likes pets and resembles an auborgine.
Little Adam is seven and a Pisces we think. A very happy and comforting wolf person who takes care of the yard and all of us. He’s bushed now from his sacred duties.
Always on alert though.
This is Lolita my Lilac Crested Amazon parrot. He thinks he is my mate and has his own room. Here he is getting some air in the lemon tree in which he blends perfectly.
Here is Drusilla who passed this year. She was also over a decade old and best friends with Julius. She was a true witch familiar and the only other female in the temple. We butted heads but it was all good.
Drusilla’s grave in our Blue Dog Garden near the fig tree.

Blessings and Namaste to all our relations!