Daily Digging Nature – Recipe for Healing in Absurd Times

The ever-miraculous pea joining tendrils with itself

My wizard husband and I are fortunate to still be working during this surreal time. However the mood in our office is off of course as people struggle with the “new (NOT!) normal.”

Seeds taking the wind

There is something very anti-human about distancing ourselves from each other, and wearing masks everywhere and washing our hands endlessly. Ultimately these measures will compromise our immunity, even if they appear to be necessary now.

Kale, parsnips, gorgeous mums, wild flowering mint and carrot greens in the crazy quilt garden

If we cannot connect by touch or even see each others’ faces as we move past each other in a market, we lose our sense of grounding–of making sense of our world. This further stresses us and makes us less resilient.

Bunnies always help – Sir Lancelot

If we are so germophobic that we wash all the bacteria off our hands repetitively, we leave ourselves vulnerable because our supra-intelligent bodies become unprepared to deal with the natural forces they are innately designed to interact with.

Dirt is life

The constant anxiety and general lack of good spirits that we are all feeling is another immune suppressor. Even in the market today, with our masks and gloves, and our newly instilled reflex to jump back 6 feet from each other, the magazines at the checkout line were screaming Anxiety! Emoji Emoji!–literally that was the cover of Time magazine. Next to it was another mag with the ever-present image of the corona virus that has been seared into our psyches by the media.

Bee busy living – look at that abundant pollen sack

The way I am dealing with this, and I know the same is true for many others, is to be as close to nature as possible. When I get home from work I make a beeline to my garden. Everyday I sit in the dirt with the plants so that I can reconfigure my neural patterning, realign it with the natural world as my body absorbs the photonic energy of the sun and the gravitation pull of the earth. I literally FEEL better–more like myself–recharged physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally as I observe and tend to the plants, insects, and animals that are still growing and dynamically expressing their lifeways in multitudinous beauty.

Be well! Namaste!