Daily Witchery – Tending to our Lives and our World

New seeds planted in containers

I put some seeds into containers today in anticipation of a spring garden. I was waiting until the moon began to wane and  was in the astrological sign of Scorpio, a fixed water sign and a perfect seasonal mood to plant new seeds. Of course the witch in me knows that everything in reality is holographic, so magic is really about utilizing the season appropriately, with respect, and with intention.

Beautiful seeds

Look at how beautiful they are! Each is an individually-shaped dormant bundle of potential energy that has the power to transform itself — in alignment with the the seasonal currents and the alchemy of the elements in various dances of interaction — into food. Seriously, this is pure magic, sacred, and so joyful. 

A bounty of potatoes

I was positively giddy when I dug my hand into the soil to pull out the potatoes I had planted last year. I lovingly buried potatoes and then they self-replicated in their winter bed and gave me a bounty. So much action in the winter under the soil. This is the power of the season as the heat builds in dormancy.