Daily Witchery – The Garden as a Living Holographic Community

Gorgeous dragonfly appears in our garden and lets us behold him while he rests – scroll in to check out his enormous “third eye.”

Our garden has been a place of deep healing and learning for me after coming off several decades of Western education and spiritual training. Everything is alive and awaiting to be revealed as I learn to pay more attention to what is happening on the micro and macro levels of life doing what it does. All the life processes that govern our world in a holographic bonanza of beauty — the entire cycle of life — from birth, through growth, ripening, and death to birth again, are evident in our garden as diverse life forms dance in chaotic and ordered movements of interplay that¬† transform in accordance with the seasonal forces.

Giant African sunflower lifting her head in response to the phontonic energy of the sun

We are in August now and so my beautiful sunflower is going through her life process and here she is about a week ago. See her head has dropped, apparently from the force of such weight to look like this:

Sunflower as she prepares to seed

Imagine the weight of that much pollen. What I have learned is that her life cycle feeds so many other species’s who make their living in the garden. Insects, birds, and mammals all benefit from her life process and the bonanza of pollen that she produces. I am just so blown away and grateful by this process as I continue to learn. I like this garden priestess’s site for more on the life cycle of the sunflower. https://neverthyme.com

As always, more to come. Namaste!