Equinox 2021 – Catching the Faery Fire of Spring

Faery magic! Earth Air Fire Water in a sacred dance of seasonal transformation!
Equinox Blessings from our Blue Dog Temple Sacred Faery Garden!

If you want to play with the Faery realm it’s best to make it your business to cultivate light and also to catch those moments when the Earth’s elements are in wild play–after a storm when rain water rises to steam as the ground heats up or when the vibrant blast of winter chill punctuates the promising sudden new warmth of a spring day.

A captured moment of red photonic energy activating life in the spring garden.

The spring season is wonderfully turbulent and a good time to observe the elements in intense interrelationships. The photonic energy stirs in response to the massive seasonal cycles the Earth experiences as a being in her own evolutionary process. The Earth enjoys an intimate relationship with the Sun who is also an immense cosmic being and their Tantric dance is the source of life.

Spring elements in play in the garden.

Their relationship is sexual in a real way. The Sun stimulates the growth of plants and insects who feed animals within and upon the body of the Earth. The birds and the bees is not just a metaphor for the sacred relationship of all life interacting and creating the food chain. This intense photonic light stimulates the diverse and gorgeous lifeforms who dwell in this realm toward creation.

One of our first bees of the season in our rosemary that is early blooming from the warm weather. Bless on!

This process is especially vibrant in the spring dynamics of passionately interrelating elements that stimulate the plants and get the birds, bees, worms, fungi and bacteria all crazy to get to work.

Symmetry in nature is religious. This is goddess gorgeousness resplendent in continuous organic pattern that promises the continuous cycle of life and death and food.

The interplay of elements provides portals into the Faery realm and opportunities for communion if one knows where to look and how to see.

Tomato seeds germinating in a wet paper towel. We lovingly ask them to awake!

During the Spring Equinox the photonic energy of the sun is waxing–increasing its intensity as the year moves toward the apex of annual heat and light at the Summer Solstice. This is the season of the seed bursting forth from the unseen portal beneath the soil and into life.

Well damn if it didn’t happen much to our joy.

This energy invites Faery to get to work along side the plants, insects, birds, and other animals involved in the food chain. Spring is about seeds in this hemisphere and the Faery are part of the engineers of natural fire that fuel the seed to sprout.

Beans harvested from last season springing up now after the rain we got here in Feb.

Humans beings are part of the sacred food chain and feel this seasonal shift too even if we don’t realize that is what is making us crazy for a need to shift ourselves toward the new. This is part of the the magic of the holy day of Spring Equinox that marks the seasonal point of celestial balance that is on a cyclical swing toward the increasing light and the sprouting of new seeds and manifesting toward the next season of ripeness.

Beautiful borage plant opening up to attract pollinators.

Equinox can be an uncomfortable but comforting seasonal moment as we realize we have to change our current form in order to move toward new growth. This often means letting go–NOOOOOO–of the past hacks we used during old cycles to get by for better and for worse and of using the seasons fiery potency to fuel the seeds of our desires and their future bloom.

Spring blooming violas and mums.

More to come. Blessings to all Ancestors and Relations and wishing passionate creation of new healing and sustainable forms during this spring fiery push toward rebirth. Namaste!