Equinox 2023 – Shadow Work on the Sea in Alaska

The Equinox marks the cycle of the year of balance between day and night. It is my favorite holiday because the myth of Persephone moving toward the Underworld is both a calming and exhilarating time for me in my spiritual practice as I walk her Priestess path.

We saw whales at Prince Rupert, BC. They honored us with their feeding Lifecyle.

This time I realized that instead of descending into the Underworld I was actually ascending into the upper world of being seen in the light. Witches understand that time works backwards and forward and so I found myself ascending the steps of the Underworld temple to come into initiation as the Kore. I’ve been waiting for that for a long time.

As above so below. Sky and Sea. Upperworld and Underworld.

It is time for we humans to come out of our millennia long nightmare living under psychopathic totalitarians and remember that we are sovereign beings of light made of sacred earth. We must remember who we are now as our souls progress on this journey with our sacred sentient Earth during these tumultuous evolutionary times.

Our consensual world is a distortion of reality.

Any clown-car Underworld distraction that keeps us amnesiac and repeating patterns of abusive enslaved society that does not serve us has to go. Our addiction to illusion is the Devil Card in the Tarot. It has to go people. Time to stop paying attention to the BS distractions. Time to change our perspective at this time of Earthy balance. Focus on what sustains.

A fantastic day on a Zodiac in the Lynn Canal, Skagway. We saw eagles and 300ft glacial waterfalls.

A case in point: Because I was in Alaska, I brought my warmest hat, my lined Seahawks beanie. Every time I wore it someone made negative comments about me wearing that team. Even on the excursion the nature guide told me he wanted take his knife and cut off the logo. IT’S A HAT. IT’S A BALL TEAM FOR CHRISSAKES! NOT LIFE OR DEATH. This also happened to us once when we returned from a cruise on BART (never again) and didn’t realize that we would be sharing transportation with the mass of Raiders’ fans spilling out. Wizard husband had bought a Seahawks shirt at SEA-TAC airport just cause he needed a clean t-shirt. When we saw the wave of black and silver mobbing the BART he turned it inside out. I didn’t understand why. He said he didn’t care to be assaulted. That was a scary ride. People are brainwashed into giving their power to those institutions that do not serve them.

As above so below. Glaciated ancient land.

Where we put our attention is our most underutilized power. This is the essence of magic – intention. That is why Wizard Husband and I like to spend as much time as we can in Alaska. We are reminded that we are part of something much bigger than the BS we are fed daily. We replenish our lifeforce and reassert that our lives are precious, sacred and meant for spiritual expansion and environmental communion rather than serving a lifeless machine of a capitalist patriarchal caste system that feeds upon our energy.

The world in the Endicott Arm is ancient and enduring.

So that is what I came away with. I need to cultivate my fortitude and perseverance in an insane world amok. I need to stop being emotionally manipulated by the external forces that feed off suffering and chaos. Instead, it is time to ground even more deeply, pay attention even more precisely to the the beautiful abundant planet. Earth, Air, Sky, Water and Spirit. Namaste to all sentient beings. Blessing to the Ancestors and Relations.

Dawes Glacier at the end of the Endicott Arm. Thrilling!

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