Happy Spring! Wake Up!

Well it’s Spring 2016, and as the outdated modes of thinking and being are dying an undignified death, and as those who hold on to them in the public arena are increasingly being exposed as the distorted clown car demons that they are, let us take this opportunity to make a leap in consciousness powered by the power of the spring season.

Animal Processions Cucuteni Vase2_pg302

Spring is a time of waking up, of shaking off the slumber of winter and getting ready to arise. This energy, as other Pagans will tell you, is exciting because it signifies beginnings, but it can be uncomfortable because it signifies the need to grow. Think about that idea of GROWTH through the lens of the physical, rather as an empty sentimental platitude, and you will find it entails transformation in its form as death staring you in the face welcoming you to the seasonal power party.

Cucutani Lid_pg58

Like a cold slap of water in the face after a long dream-filled night’s sleep, growing means the work of shedding, of transforming current skin into new skin. It means stretching the boundaries of self into a new form so that we can reach toward the photonic light that is seductively calling us, and has since we emerged from the primordial pond of consciousness.dishbecoming_pg194

Since reality is holographic, this seasonal energy operates on all levels. The cycles of nature work through us despite us, whether we “believe” in them or not. Everyone is slightly anxious now, ready for something to happen, and kinda unsatisfied in what used to satisfy or comfort us. This is because the Cosmos is signalling us through the energies of Spring. We can see it around us everywhere in our environment. We can feel in our bodies, in our desires, in our kinetic uncomfortableness. We work with this Spring energy when we ACKNOWLEDGE and ACT upon the message: IT’S GO TIME.

Two links that speak speak to my heart now regarding the process of waking up!

Artist Karen Sikie who says it better than me here:

A Pretty Picture Conceals the Story of Birth and Death

And Terrence McKenna who has summed up what I am trying to do in my dissertation by retrieving my ancestral European female spiritual states of consciousness:

Shamanism (Terence Mckenna) [We Have Become a Sick Species]

Note: These images are from Neolithic Europe as depicted in the Marija Gimbutas’ Language of the Goddess: 1. Animal Processions, Cucuteni Vase; 4th mill. b.c; 302; 2. Cucuteni Lid, 3800-3600 b.c; 58; 3. Dish surface, Dimini 4500-4000 b.c, 94.