Imbolc – Celebration of the Increasing Fire

Here comes the rain storm on this holy day of February 1 in Northern California even as the rest of the country is experiencing an uncharacteristic deep freeze.

Winter garden

The winter to spring season is historically expressed in European Pagan traditions as the holy day of Imbolc and the light festival of St. Brigid. This is a sacred day that honors the light emerging from the dark as winter transforms into spring. The energy of increasing heat drives the seed from it’s winter dormancy into the seasonal life-cycle and into the manifestation of form.

  Resurrection 2004 (original work – pastel crayons)

This is no small energy. Think about it, the sleeping seed is stirred while in a moist, dark, earthen bed and suddenly arouses by way of some seasonal call to do just that. Nature says to the seed — wake up! and grow now into your potential! This is magic. This is the process of life and so life is about transformation as we move through its cycles.