Imbolg 2023 – Stimulating Seeds in the New Year

Elegant swirling bowl bottom – Karanavo Culture, Bulgaria, 4300 B.C.

I’m stuck! I was thinking this as I face an increased work load in a job I want to leave and because I am at a loss to manifest the many new avenues of creation I desire to explore. I have been fighting futility because I can’t envision what could be next for me in this life which makes making any necessary course corrections seem nebulous and overwhelming.

Dynamic tri-line bowl – Cucuteni Culture, Romania, 3800 B.C.

My friends have mentioned similar feelings of spinning their wheels while facing a lack of vision in the face of the unknown in the wintery seasonal climate. The blues are common during January, but they seem more intense as we face another new year in this tumultuous, uncertain and very disorienting time in history.

Double perspective vase top – Bukovina Culture, Eastern Europe 3700 B.C.

Being a pagan who is tied to the cycles of the earth, I am guided to remember the fiery nature of the season. I had remember to release the boring, monochromatic feelings of futility that for me has in the past lead to depression by grounding myself into alignment with our sacred environment that is transforming from winter to spring.

Kick-ass frieze on vase – Cucueteni culture, Ukraine, 3000 B.C.

I had to remind myself that this seasonal moment is not a sleepy energy, but is a time of furious potency as the incubating earth accelerates the heat that awakens the buried seeds to fulfil their innate desire to express themselves. This is the time of building the heated passion to grow, and be courageous in the face of not knowing, as a generation of life intent upon living through the next cycle.

Female fiery potency carved on antler bone – Epigraventtian culture, Romania 8000 B.C.

The seasonal movement from Winter Solstice to the holy day of St. Brigit, or Imbolg on February 2nd celebrates the peeking of the first new light that emerges from the seeming dormancy of winter. it is a sign of hope and I needed to remember that.

Looks like a fiery goddess Figurine to me – Cucuteni Culture, 3000 B.C.

May all the potent seeds of potentiality in your lives be activated. May we all find the strength and courage to fiercely nurture them in in the coming seasons in accordance with the earth. May we draw upon our ancestral heritage and power as we seek to make this year healing, abundant and joyful.

Little Adam after play needs a well deserved nap

Bless the ancestors, our relations and our wonderful mother planet. For the freewill and good of all. So mote it. Namaste and blessing from the Blue Dog Temple!

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