Incandescence of the Natural World – Healing in this Time of Transmutation

Blooming artichoke under the the nearly full moon in Sagittarius moving into lunar eclipse — 06.03.20

I have been feeling overwhelmed — on a personal and family level, and with society at large. A lot is happening at the same time as we transition our consciousness to keep up with the evolutionary forces that govern our reality. It has been hard for me to know what is real and what is manipulation. It is hard to keep up and I feel burnt out from the immensity of what we are going through.

Another bitchin artichoke

I feel so sad for this world right now and it is hard not to succumb to the bombardment of fear, trauma, hopelessness, and futility that surrounds us as we stand in disbelief that we could have fallen so far from what our ancestors wanted for their children.

Pincushion flowers attract pollinators

At the same time I am undergoing excruciating personal cleansing and transformation — shadow work as they call it. Witchy work that is not so fun as I wake up to my true nature as a spiritual being having a human experience at a very trying time to have chosen to have a human experience!

Caught a faery in the sunlight illuminating a spider web strewn across the Milk Thistle

Part of the shift requires that we align our consciousness with the planet that sustains us and reconnect with our ancestors who inform and ground our purpose as humans in the world alive and awake here and now.

Crystals in the fruit trees to attract the photonic light that attracts faeries.

As I try to make sense of this free-falling society, and navigate my life within it, I find myself outside as much as possible — observing the garden and the insects, plants, birds and animals that grace me with their presence. There are many kinds of birds and bees, dragonflies, butterflies, brown lizards, earthworms and pill bugs who have made their home in the living patch of earth that is my garden. I love being able to observe something new daily as I humbly tend to it. My heart jumps in ecstatic aha moments of joy as I witness another lifeform moving through their seasonal lifecycles and I am suddenly privy to another mystery of incandescent nature that my ancestors already realized.

Honeybee on the last spring clover
Ladybug on flowering carrot green
Adam always helps
So does Sir Lancelot
Witchy herb garden

More to come as we move into the season of high summer Solstice and the uncertainty that we are facing now as a society. Let’s see what more light brings! Blessings and gratitude for all that sustains us. Namaste!

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  • Dear Lisa. I share you wonder of nature, and must be outside to feel and be love by Her. She is my solace.
    I love how you captured the faery

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