Dissertation Excerpt of the Day

This is a most bitchin’ quote from from Shawn Wilson who is an indigenous scholar. His work is informing my dissertation as I re-write my methodology and get my head blown.

Now as you open your eyes, you can see all of the things that are around you. What you see is their physical form, but you realize that this form is really just the web of relations that have taken on a familiar shape. Every individual thing that you see around you is really just a huge knot – a point where thousands and millions of relationships come together. These relationships come to you from the past, from the present and from your future. This is what surrounds us, and forms us, our world, our cosmos and our reality. We could not be without being in relationship with everything that surrounds and is within us. Our reality, our ontology is the relationships.

Here’s the bib: Research Is Ceremony: Indigenous Research Methods, Shawn Wilson. Fernwood Publishing 2008.

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