Elisabeth P. Sikie, PhD

Shamanic Practitioner | Poet | Philosopher

Imbolc – Celebration of the Increasing Fire

Here comes the rain storm on this holy day of February 1 in Northern California even as the rest of the country is experiencing an uncharacteristic deep freeze. The winter to spring season is historically expressed in European Pagan traditions as the holy day of Imbolc and the light festival of St. Brigid. This is…   Read More

Time to Awaken 2019

Here in Northern California the weather is dry and chilly, but moments in the sun remind me of the fiery energy of spring pulsing just under the winter cold. I love the darkness of winter but I also love the tease of spring that reveals itself in brief moments of light. Here is a photo I…   Read More

A Real Life Descent Poem

The seasonal transition from autumn into winter marks the time of descent in many cultural myths. It is the period in the Western hemisphere in which we are called by the cycles of nature to physiologically, psychologically, and metaphysically turn inward. It is a time of closing in, of reconsidering, of re-calibrating and re-adjusting as we…   Read More