Daily Witchery – Photonic Faery Dances in the Winter Sky

Fantastic photonic Faery energy visible in the February sky

Husband and I were playing in our garden after days of heavy rain. The power of the elements of water, fire, earth, and air in a great winter to spring dance of inter-relation was palpable.  As we stood outside, the ground was soaking up the water even as the water was evaporating back into the atmosphere. The thunderhead clouds were shifting like mad as we watched the photonic light illuminate everything. This play of light and elements is also the realm of the Faery. These ancient entities are integral to the Earth’s regulation of herself and a part of the great dance of elemental magic. You can see the power of this dance in the photo above.

Thunderhead as big as a city block

Anywhere the elements are in play and where the earth is transforming seasonally, you can find the power of the Faery. We as modern people have mostly forgotten about them, though we have mythological and artistic records of them and our historical relationships with their kind. Mostly, we have moved away from our ability to commune with them as we have moved into Industrial and technological cultural eras. But they are still there and we can make relation with them by starting to pay attention again to the environment that sustains us and to the sacred seasonal transformation of this planet who is very literally our mother who gives and sustains our lives.

The clouds briefly formed a heart!

Where the elements meet is often a portal. Here the sky is reflected in the water as little Adam and I take our walk. The air is full of prana and the ground and sky are full of water. We are enjoying the big energy of this season.

Little Adam after the storms