Potential Chapters

Ok I’m at the wrangling stage of this monster and here are my chapters as I have proposed them.  It seems that I desire to cover quite a bit of ground. My committee chair Mara Keller has told me that maybe I oughta combine some of these chapters so that I can get through more efficiently.

I think that this part of the process is like making a good poem. It is economic, no filler, no gratuitous words, although there are tons of repetitions in academic writing that makes the poet and journalist in me bored. I would say to be true to my Indigenous Ontology that I am striving for practical efficacy. However, here we go. I am working on laying the mental crystal egg and refining and consolidating my thoughts so I birth a mental, emotional and spiritual baby. Righteous.

1. Retrieving Women’s Voices and their Contributions to European History
      a. Soul Retrieval as a Personal and Collective Journey
      b. Mythology as a Metaphysical Template and Guide to Spiritual Realities
      c. Ritual as Engagement of Deep Relation
      d. What in the World is a Witch
2. The Mysteries of the Goddess: Self-Replication as Natural Law
      a. The Primordial Goddess of Indigenous Europe
      b. The Sexual Creative Power of European Goddesses
      c. The Original Creation Myths
      d. Parthenogenesis: The Power of Two
      e. Abundance and the Myth of the Greek Demeter
3. Ancient Science and the New Sciences
      a. Quantum Physics, Consciousness Studies, and the New Biology
      b. The Neurobiology of Trance and ASCs
      c. Memory and the Holographic Model
      d. Paleolithic and Neolithic Art as Tools of Entrainment
      e. Indigenous Female States of Consciousness
      f. Invocation of Ecstasy and Joy as a State of Consciousness
4. Shamanic Initiation: Being Eaten by the Bear
      a. Initiation as a Historic Tool of Transformation
      b. Personal Initiations into the Priestess Mysteries
      c. Personal Initiation into Faerie Witchcraft
      d. Descent and the Myth of the Greek Goddess Persephone
5. Journeys to the Spirit Worlds
      a. Trance and ASCs
      b. Techniques of Shamanic Flight
      c. Techniques of Healing
      d. Techniques of Battle
6. The Patriarchal Transformation of Europe
      a. From the Goddess to the God
      b. The Christianization of Pagan Europe
      c. The Falling of Women
7. The Perpetuation of Trauma
      a. The biology of Trauma and Stress
      b. Disassociation and Cultural Amnesia
      c. Myths that address Susto and Battle
8. The Great Reversal: Widdershins
      a. Othering: the Making of Enemies
      b. The Inquisition
      c. Maleficium, Witches & Demons
      d. The Appropriation of Female Sexual Power
      e. The Loss of the Collective European Soul
      f. The Seven Deadly Sins:
9. Retrieving the Wisdom of our Mothers
      a. Reversing the Reversal Shamanically
      b. The Open Heart & Active Spirit
      c. Reestablishing Relations with our Ancestors
      d. The Resurrection and the Myth of Greek Maiden Kore

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