Seasonal Witchery – First Harvest & Summer Abundance

First fruits from our garden

The summer season brings a first harvest. Even as we experience another heat wave here in Northern California, the first fruits from our garden have ripened and I have with much delight harvested some of them.

The cabbage twins

Summer harvest is a sacred time of reaping what we have sown during the winter and spring seasons. During these earlier seasons we spend time composting the garden and then planting seeds and sprouts in anticipation that our plants will be stimulated to grow in a nurturing environment. We do this because we know from ancestral wisdom passed down that this is how nature works and joyfully we can observe this magic with our modern eyes.

Spaghetti squash with geranium

And then, miraculously this happens! We plant our seeds, we nurture, cultivate, and cull our environment — we live with the life and death of it, and then behold, we have the fruit of our labor manifest in the garden in all its dynamic glory!

Baby pumpkin!

But none of this can happen without the relationships that occur between the diverse plants, insects, birds, lizards, and mammals whose life-cycles interact in the garden environment and whose sacred labors create a holistic emergent moment in space in time that feeds us.  

El Gordito, the bumble bee who feasted on our kale

The natural cycles of the garden are the same ones that guide our lives on all levels, from our physical reality to our mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. More to come on this.

Blessings in this summer season. Namaste!