Solstice 2021 – Seasonal Apex of Photonic Fire Power

Caught in the act– Anthurium and a faery (blue light dot) engaging in photosynthesis

Litha–the Summer Solstice is the next seasonal holy day coming up on our pagan wheel of the year. I am more of a dark girl myself and am often uncomfortable with intense summers but after this last year and a half I deeply appreciate life-giving potency of the sun in the form of photonic light and heat, and it’s faery correspondence on earth–fire.

Sunlight on the Pacific Ocean

The sun’s energy is divine because it empowers the earth’s energy to generate form animated as sentient life–the result is consciousness exploring itself alive! The sun’s power so great it is simultaneously the source of life and death. Literally. Like water–its equally potent complementary element on earth, the sheer power of fire to transform form is the crucible that challenges our consciousness to continue to grow. This Solstice I am meditating on the devastating and life-giving nature of the sun’s power–it’s light, it’s heat and it’s fire.

Fire is alive

More than ever we need to understand the fiery element that has the power to transform our consciousness here and now. The current chaotic trajectory we have been experiencing is a necessary breakdown of the old structures that are oppressive to make space in creation for new ways of being that are liberating for our consciousness as we continues to evolve on this sacred earth. Most of us feel in our bodies and souls that we must change, that we humans must now set ourselves upon a new path that affirms life and our part in its cyclical dance. The earth will have nothing less from us now if we want to continue in this physical timeline as physical beings alive and awake in the matrix that is her divine body.

Giant sunflower

In California, after several years of devastating fires we are facing that threat of destruction again now with drought, high temps and unrelenting wind. Instead of creating human societies in alignment with our geography’s nature, we defy it, unlike the Indigenous populations who used to thrive in this gorgeous state. We defy nature, her heat, her pulses, her winds, her need for fire to stimulate the plant and animal realms and perpetuate the lifecycle in this land. Seasonal destructive fire shows us that we are not in alignment with our world and we better get it already that we need to change how we relate to the environment that gives and sustains our lives.

Orangey blossom

After the entire last two years, we are fire fatigued in this state and afraid of what is coming. I would like to say something pollyanna but I am not going to. We must make use of this chaotic fiery time and quantum jump our consciousness. We must retrieve our species’ ancestral ways that teach masterful and joyful ways of living.

Orangey cat in a sunbeam (22:59) My favorite astrologer Pam Gregory channeled one of the most profound messages I have ever heard. She talks about the accelerated evolution of consciousness as our galaxy moves through the photonic belts of infinitesimal light as we spiral through the universe! We are being activated and quickened and there is no stopping it. We need to align with this quantum shift in cosmic and earth consciousness or we will suffer because it’s happening regardless of our egos. She said something I am now saying to myself daily:

Light is the game-changer and love is the checkmate

Light is the game-changer and love is the checkmate

Light is the game-changer and love is the checkmate.

Namaste sentient beings in this time of light and dark! Bless!