Spider Woman and the Great Big Story of Reality – Part II

In the North American Native myths, Spider Woman creates worlds out of thin air. We can see this power in the beautiful architecture captured above at Samuel P. Taylor Park in a perfect spider web that delineates a world in time and space situated between two young trees in which a spider will feed and live her spider life cycle. It is simple, perfect, beautiful, and brilliant!

The myth of Spider Woman teaches us that our consciousness as it manifests as intention is the mystery at the center of creation. It is by way of thought, and then the word, that shapes energy into matter. As this mystery coalesces within our human culture it then becomes manifest as stories that sculpt our consciousness and tell us who we are. The stories we perpetuate through our culture function to focus our perceptions that allow us to experience the realities in which we find ourselves living as a conscious beings on this earth. The stories we tell ourselves, or those we allow to emerge from our deepest essence, are the quantum stuff of creation. This is no small power and it is the power that women inherently possess as creators of life in this realm.

The stories we tell ourselves sculpt the reality we create. This is true not as a vacuous sentimental statement, but as a reality that is grounded in physics and neuro-sciences that describe the way our brains make patterns out of chaos. Thought as vibration and sound as the word is the fundamental mystery at the heart of of all creation myths. Even Yahweh’s myth tells of his power of the word as giving him the power of creation. Originally, in the earliest myths, this power of creation by the word is attributed to a female creatrix.  The word as sound describes the power of vibration to sculpt matter from the massive potential of an abundant energetic void and is the mystery that is at the heart of all creation myths. This is true on every level of reality. It really works this way. The above image is the pattern that the vowel “A'” makes on a Chladni plate that uses  sand as a medium.

This means we have an enormous responsibility to bring into existence the stories that we feel deeply reflect a sustainable life that speaks to our own essence in this web of reality. It means we cannot check out and let other people or institutions dictate their stories about us to us. We have to find those stories in us and speak them. We must realize them and create them in ourselves in order to shift this reality. We must reject the stories of horror that are bombarded upon us every second of every day and replace them with stories of remembrance of ourselves as conscious beings on how to live in this world sanely. We know how to do that, right? I know that we all remember how to live in this world as conscious beings taking care to be respectful of other conscious beings. That is really all it takes to change the story we are living.

Awesome spider pic taken by Mary Beth Moser. Thanks sister!