July 23, 2017

Spiritual Consultation

I am a spiritual counselor available for select personal consultations. My specialty is to help you to identify and develop your talents: identify and move past spiritual, emotional, and mental blocks; access your ancestral wisdom by identifying your psychic bloodlines; connect with your beloved dead for healing and clarity, and identify a pathway for fulfilling soul development.

In these sessions we explore your sensitivities that may manifest as insights, visions, dreams, intuitions, and other signals from your soul that is calling you to transform your life now. We use ancient healing and trance techniques to understand who you are; make sense of your past, discern your talents, and make a plan for you to go forward into this life as an awake spiritual player.

I operate from a shamanic perspective that is derived from the traditions of my European ancestors. If you resonate with this message then please contact me here.

Here are my thoughts on when a spiritual counseling session may be of use in your life:

  • You have destructive patterns in your life that keep repeating and you cannot figure out why
  • You you feel like you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing even though you are doing everything that you think you are supposed to be doing
  • You you feel you have unpotentiated gifts, talents, and tools that are going unexpressed
  • You feel panicky about your unpotentiated gifts, talents, and tools going unexpressed in this lifetime
  • You you feel there may be some information ready for you to hear that cannot be accessed through traditional avenues

Here are some characteristic signs that may indicate you are called to a shamanic path that might help us recognize and focus upon your spiritual and psychic proclivities:

  • You feel that something is not right in this reality
  • You have memories of past lives
  • You remember experiences that you have not lived in this lifetime
  • You have access to knowledge that you did not acquire in this lifetime
  • You have compelling attractions to people, places, or things that have no experiential basis in this lifetime
  • You have phobias, or distastes for people, places, or things that have no experiential basis in this lifetime
  • You are effected by the seasons, consistently becoming anxious during some parts of the year, and depressive in others
  • You feel called to help others
  • You feel a compelling weight of responsibility to the world
  • You carry more than your share of emotional and “psychic” burden in your family, and with your friends
  • You perceive non-corporal entities, including the beloved dead
  • You feel “haunted” or attacked
  • You are able to perceive light, and dark, around plants, animals, people, and elements of nature
  • You usually know when people are telling the truth or lying
  • You exhibit high levels of empathy
  • You feel the suffering of others
  • You feel especially connected to animals and plants
  • You default to being alone
  • You border on depression
  • You battle anxiety
  • You have had at least one near death experience

If the idea of a spiritual counseling session resonates or you have questions, please contact me here. Please note that spiritual counseling is not a substitute for taking accountability in your life, nor is it a substitute for conventional Western medicine, psychology, psychiatry, or recovery work. It is simply another tool for gaining knowledge and healing, but it can be a very effective and powerful aid in your journey.