Genesis V Evolution – A Battle for Worldview

What I’ve come to understand is that a – the ideological war that is so extreme today is a psychic war and b – whomever controls the narrative controls consciousness and c- creation myths have the most quantum power – that is why fundamentalists created the false parallel between creationism and evolution.

Evolution is not a creation myth as is genesis, it is a theory of how all life is related on the planet and how lifeforms change due to genetic and environmental pressures. The xtian creation myth of genesis, while really being one of many similar creation myths that are not so unique in theme, and which holds a male deity (illogically) as first source of matter, has been interpreted to mean a static ontology.

So in this world view, with this interpretation of the genesis creation myth, everything comes to form intact. The theory of evolution doesn’t posit an original source, like the big bang theory for example, which would be a more apt comparison to genesis. In evolution, forms change and are interrelational to each other and their environment.

Ultimately, this false parallel represents a difference between the idea of stasis v transformation of matter. If everything originated intact from the mind of the txian god then the ways in which matter can be perceived as interrelational with the environment is, and should be, limited. If, on the other hand, all matter is infinitely dynamic, then moving outside of a set interpretation of what form is and how it can be in relationship to the environment cannot be limited.

This unlimited potentiality of matter (even as that term is shifting now in light of advances in physics, biology the life sciences, and some spiritual traditions) is what most threatens the fundamentalist xtian worldview because then creation moves outside of the peripheries of their static worldview, out of their limited view of what can be conceived by the mind of their god.

This fight for a static v a transformational world view represents a fundamental element in a holy war.