Daily Witchery – Dragonfly! Communing with the Faery Realm

Last Sunday I had an amazing communion with a dragonfly. I was tending my garden beds while my wizard husband tended the yard. Suddenly, a large dragonfly appeared in the air front of me. I snapped to attention because I had not observed dragonflies in my garden till now. I was immediately excited and dropped…   Read More

Daily Witchery – Communing with the Faery Realm

The art of spiritual communion is the masterful art of making of relationship with the world around us. We enjoy relationships with others in our family and community, and with our beloved pets and plants everyday, but what about those entities who are not embodied but with whom we share a planet? The Faery are…   Read More

Daily Witchery – Photonic Faery Dances in the Winter Sky

Husband and I were playing in our garden after days of heavy rain. The power of the elements of water, fire, earth, and air in a great winter to spring dance of inter-relation was palpable.  As we stood outside, the ground was soaking up the water even as the water was evaporating back into the…   Read More