Traffic Jam

When I get stuck in my writing it is because i have a traffic jam of thought in my head. But it is very hard to remember everything I have read and absorbed and very hard to be clear all the time of how it all comes together as a holism. Linear as this is, it is not that way really because we have to think, not like a big spine of an outline, but as a holism, where this is connected to something over there. That part is crazy-making. This process is like laying a freakin’ egg from the head.

1 thought on “Traffic Jam

  • Mark Twain wrote somewhere (I haven’t found the source) that he’d get stuck because his “tank [of inspiration] had run dry,” but all he’d have to do was “pigeonhole” the ms. he was working on and eventually “the tank would fill up again.”
    — G

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