Politics of the Inquisition

As I study Witchcraft in the Middle Ages by Jeffrey Burton Russell, I came across a great quote that seems to align the struggle that happened then with what is happening in the chaotic world now. Because I am learning that as much as European witchcraft, and all the academic issues with its origins and…   Read More

Sociopaths and Consciousness

Update: 10.31.17:  Here is a relevant podcast discussing the phenomenon of human psychopathy from one of my favorite scholars Michael Tsarion, whom I quoted in my dissertation. Unslaved Podcast: Sage Vs. Psychopath (How to the Tell the Difference) *** This is somehow relevant to my work because I am now completely consumed by it, but…   Read More

Marriage Equality and the Argument of Religious Freedom

A Theology of Necessary Intolerance In a historic event, the US Supreme court announced this month that it will decide two cases regarding the legality of same-sex marriage its 2013 session. These cases include the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) that forbids federal recognition of same-sex marriages allowed by individual states, and California’s Proposition…   Read More