Politics of the Inquisition

As I study Witchcraft in the Middle Ages by Jeffrey Burton Russell, I came across a great quote that seems to align the struggle that happened then with what is happening in the chaotic world now. Because I am learning that as much as European witchcraft, and all the academic issues with its origins and historic importance and place and blah blah blah, I find it relevant to our contemporary struggles of class that are so characterized and profound at this time in history. He writes on page 3.

It should not be difficult to to understand how men could torture and kill in the name of the Prince of Peace when at Dresden and My Lai men could torture and kill in the name of democracy and freedom. Viciousness is excusable in neither rebel nor Inquisitor. To understand is not to forgive. If tolerance is taken to the point of tolerating the destruction of those processes by which toleration is itself guaranteed, then it becomes intolerable. But ours is not to judge the fanatic or the Inquisitor: ours is to experience the shock of recognition of the fanatic and the Inquisitor in ourselves.