Equinox 2022 – Ostara and Rabbit Magic

Nasturium with ceramic garden bunny

I lost my bunny this Equinox season. He was ten years old and had a magical life. Last night I went outside to feed him and he was gone. Bunnies have particular medicine or magic. Besides being soft and cuddly, they do some things very well. One is to breed because they are the juicy food snacks of much of the animal kingdom. Another is to eat plants and poop fertilizer. Another is to live between the worlds–existing in the realm of the physical earth and of the faery and the dead. But another of their powers is just to simply up and leave their bodies.

See what a dreamy snack pack he was

He was never sick a day in his life thankfully, but I knew it was coming and so I was sure to make sure he got extra pets and kisses these last few months.

Chilling under his condo

We adopted him from a kill shelter in 2011 because I was lonely for a bunny. When we approached he hopped out of his makeshift bunny shanty town and bowed his head for pets. I said, yep he’s the one for me. Someone probably got him as a pet for a child who loved him, named him, and then whose parents surrendered him for some fucked reason. His name on the adoption tag was Sir Lancelot, which we found hysterical because we could never figure out who knighted him.

Sexy boy and his magic slippers.

Husband built him a pen around his condo outside and he lived in our garden. During the day he roamed his fenced in area and at night he was closed up for safety in his bunny condo. He hung out in our garden temple with the cat and the dog. Like I said he liked pets, dreaming, fresh garden food and his dislikes include rain, and being held by mamma past a certain point where his prey nature compelled him to try to jump out of my arms.

He literally had lands
Surveying his kingdom

Rabbits are loving, amazing and weird. Their strangeness, their humbleness and their sheer ability to be full of bravado when being seriously an earthly food stuff is never not entertaining. They are sweet and hilarious creatures. Sir Lancelot is missed at our Blue Dog Temple. Namaste all sentient beings, relations, and ancestors.

Pure bunny joy