Prying Open our Third Eye 2021 – Seeing with a Faery Heart

Storm clouds at sunset

As the drama trauma in which we find ourselves alive and awake continues to unfold in cosmic comedic karmic moments of absurdity, it is important that we remember to remember who we are–spiritual beings experiencing being human on this sentient planet. The great gift is that all lifeforms are alive and we are free to engage with these many interesting entities.

Changing storm clouds at sunset

These enormous clouds filled the sky after a quick flash rain storm in our draught-ridden part of the state. The garden came to life again for a second and then the storm passed.

More changing clouds at sunset after much needed rain

The world is full of beings with whom we can commune if we can remember how to see from our hearts and spirits. I snapped these giant storm clouds that capture the working of weather devas or faeries engaging in their life paths. Faeries indwell within the physical forms of the earth’s elements and are particularly visible to humans during their their more dramatic interactions as they manifest in nature.

Caterpillar on celery after the rain. How do they know what coat to wear?

Once you begin to see that way you can see that so much other life besides you is busy engaging in the business of living. Look how clever this caterpillar is to very much blend into the celery she is resting upon. I took her picture and then a few hours later she was gone. She eluded me as she traveled into the next phase of her journey.

Spider on the foxglove

Learning to see spiritually and from the heart from our third eye requires learning to observe what is going on within the environment that sustains us using all of our senses. It means changing the lens of perception to one filtered through the heart. This sounds like a sentimental hallmark card but it is truly an ancestral evolutionary adaption. It means seeing inter-dimensionally.

Clouds and photonic interplay

We continuously ask ourselves what is the light doing, what are the patterns revealing and how are the other creatures who share this world reacting? This kind of empirical methodology–what my dear friend Demetria Madrone called Grandmother Science is about being curious, in awe and wonder at what is going on around us in this potent Earth environment.

Artichoke opening to the rain and sun

My heart opens when I am able to observe and sometimes commune with these entities–the insects, animals, plants and faeries. I believe this makes me more spiritual, more attuned, more grounded and more importantly, more human. Learning to truly see what is around us is a yoga practice. This shamanic interdimensional vision takes cultivation and the garden is my favorite place in which to practice. I am constantly educated and ever grateful. Namaste!