Solstice 2022 – Sailing to Mexico at Year’s End

Wizard Husband in front of the Royal Princess in SF 12.12.2022

Finally, after the years of pandemic we were able to take another cruise, something we enjoy because it gets us out and onto the sea in search of adventures.

Sailing out of the Golden Gate is thrilling

The compression of living during this especially difficult time has taken a toll on everyone as we have been forced to release old ways of releasing and coping and to double down into mundane tasks that became depressingly tedious.

Breathtaking to sail right under it

For us, being on the boat sailing the immense sea has always brought us healing, joy and something to look forward to as we engage in our life together.

Out of the Golden Gate and South to Mexico

The immense vastness of the Pacific Ocean reminds us that being on the sacred Earth makes us more than what we are in our work life. To a human on the boat, massive as a cruise ship is, the sea seems limitless when you sail upon it.

We were at the very front of the boat

Seeing it, breathing it, and living on the sea for a moment with its rhythms so different than being on land re-invokes the remembrance that we are bigger than the limitations that we live under in our decaying Western society.

Our bodacious wrap-around balcony in the forward

We went all out and booked ourselves a mini-suite at the front of the boat. It was a small apartment with a coveted balcony so we were up close and personal to the interplay of the sea and sky in luxury comfort.

Our cabin on the forward starboard

Part of the joy of being on the cruise ship is that you get to completely unplug from daily life. We had a beautiful cabin and a wonderful crew who took great care of us.

Room Service

We appreciate the superb efforts from the crew whose jobs make our vacation wondrous. We always tip well in appreciation and gratitude.

Our bedroom window portal

For me, being on the boat means I get to shed some of my social layers and take on my shamanic aspects of trance and elemental communion. Being a Faery witch I go nuts over the elements in play and on this cruise we had a magical ringside view.

Dance of sun ocean sky

It takes a few days to get cut into the fact you are off work and on the boat living, breathing and sleeping in a different environment.

Dance of clouds sky and sea

The dynamic interplay of elements is perpetual. Paying attention is the antidote to slipping into the mental illness of futility. One just can’t when it is all so beautiful and powerful.

In sunflower witch form finally

Being able to put our attention on the wonderous environment that surrounds us reconfigures our neural patterning. Then we can take a second to breathe, reflect and release those elements in our daily life that are constricting our consciousness.

There was a lot of room service

On the sea there is a lot of screaming wind and massive moving ocean propelling the boat that changes the dynamics of sleeping and of dreaming. We were able to get a lot of spiritual downloading during this sacred trip that we brought home to empower and readjust our perspective in our daily lives as we cycle into this new year.

Flying high at the sacred portals

Here is to us all making changes in the coming year that sustain us, guide us toward remembrance of the sacredness of being consciousness upon this earth and to having joyful adventures.

Adam is glad to see us

We of course made special arrangements for Adam and Lolita. They were happy to see us but had adventures of their own.

Happy Solstice from the magical forward starboard cabin

Namaste to all sentient beings, relations and ancestors. So mote it be.

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  • Thank you for sharing your beautiful trip and thoughts. The Ocean is such a mighty place of beauty and mystery. I am glad you enjoyed Her!

  • Hello Dear Friend, Soul Sister!
    I’m so glad you finally had the opportunity to breathe and realign. And much gratitude and appreciation for sharing! Let’s make this new year of 2023 more blessed and abundant!

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