Seeds of New Consciousness — Letting Go

The wilde childe garden

I have been tending my garden this season as it incandescently displays its spring to summer transitional dance of relationships — sun, soil, wind, insects, birds, plants and seeds all in sacred interplay at the various stages of their lifecycles. Meanwhile I am the observant and reverent witch who caretakes this parcel of Earth with great honor.

Adam and me in the garden

We are living now in a tumultuous societal transformation that is a mirror of the processes of the natural world around us in which some things live and some things die. This is the way of things in this reality because it is a holographic universe in which the microcosm reflects the macrocosm and vise versa.

Mature artichoke

I have experienced this mystery more deeply as I learn to tend my garden. It is easy to get attached to a plant and then have it die for no reason I can discern, and then suddenly find that some strange plant takes to this environment and grows like mad. In the same way we are attached to certain ways of living in this obviously damaged society, we have to understand often with grief that some elements cannot nor should not continue.

Milk Thistle springing up seasonally in the Italian herb garden

I am letting these “weeds” mature, which are thistles like the artichoke because I am harvesting their magical seeds that have intense chemical healing properties that support liver health. I have watched them move through their lifecycle during this season with great anticipation. They spring out of the soil at this time, sporting prickly leaves and growing purple flowers that die then generate seeds from their pods that look like faeries–seeds attached to alae or wings that carry them on the breeze to destinations unknown. I dig them.

Milk Thistle seed caught in a spiderweb stretching across the flowering plant

I cannot say exactly what is going to happen now but I can say that all transition requires a death and rebirth. This is not always comfortable but I welcome a new reality in which we can more fully assert our vast consciousness as humans in the world. Part of what must die now are those elements of culture that are not in alignment with the planet and her evolutionary progression toward an even more evolved consciousness. Because that is what she is doing and any societal structure that is out of alignment with her evolution is about to go down. This is the cycle of our reality.

Blessings and light!